Issues & Concerns

Psychotherapeutic counselling provides an environment that reinforces our ability to examine and work through difficult thoughts and feelings. Because we are unique in our life experiences, we are also just as unique in how quickly and easily we will acclimatise to a therapeutic environment. This is especially true if our concerns are also tangled-up with trust-building.

In such a complex world, it is very easy to fall back on thinking that we ourselves are somehow weaker or a lesser, perhaps inferior, if we find that we are unable to cope as well as others appear to be coping, but the truth is that our life experiences prepare us in different ways. The skills we acquired will be very different and varied. Self-recrimination and low self-esteem can often cloud the real issue when we are trying to cope with life.

Each therapeutic step may require time to process before we find we can take our next step. Untying an internal “knot” that has taken perhaps years to tie is more often than not a step-by-step process. If you have ever tried to untie the laces of your trainers when they are wet I’m sure that you will agree that not all knots have to be complex for them to be difficult to undo! Our psychological knots very much like that, and sometimes we have to do other work and dry out our psychological laces first before we find we able to get them undone. This is what the process of therapy is really about, creating the environment where you feel able to untie the knots.

There is no right or wrong in how much time your therapy will take. It isn’t a race and it will take as long (or as short) as it takes for you to feel that you have brought changes to your life. One certainly cannot fake successful therapy, nor do good work in a fixed time.

I have worked with very complex issues that would defy all but the most abstract of categories, so it’s easier to say that, whatever concerns you to the point of disrupting your life or altering your behaviour, is something that can be addressed. Below are a few areas that may or may not be included in your own concerns, and the list is by no means comprehensive. It may however give you an idea of some of the difficult areas that can be addressed.

  • Persistent Feelings of Grief & Loss – Please be aware that CRUSE offer a number of FREE counselling sessions for bereavement.
  • Relationship Difficulties
  • Anxiety
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Abuse
  • LGBTQ Acclimatisation Issues
  • Self Development and Reflection
  • Anything that causes you nagging anxiety and/or emotional pain and that forces you to live differently from how you want to