Treatment Cost

Treatment costs will vary from therapist to therapist, and also depends on location, type of therapy, as well as on their current workload. I have seen charges range from £25 to in excess of £100 an hour, but you will find that many therapists will try to keep to around the £40-£50 mark. This may sound expensive but psychotherapy work takes a great deal of energy and careful attention, not to mention years of expensive training and possibly rental of a consulting room too.

Unlike most occupations, being a psychotherapist is something that consumes a great deal of personal energy, so it is not something that can be done well without sufficient time to reflect and sufficient time to recover. I found that seeing two to three clients with complex issues a day was getting close to my personal limit. Any more than that would be too exhausting, especially as case notes would also need to be written after sessions as well as consulting peers in some cases, so the actual time being spent on a single session could be more in the region of two plus hours. In a world where a car mechanic’s time is charged at a rate in excess of £90 an hour, a psychotherapists charge is more than reasonable given that they are working to assist you in having a better and less anxious life, something that is really priceless and certainly a lot more important than a car.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you have a need for therapeutic help but are unable to meet the cost of a private therapist, perhaps because your concerns are also affecting your earning ability, talk first with your GP as local authorities often have a path to getting therapeutic help. They also invariably have organisations already in place. Consider group therapy too as this is often very effective. It can be at a much reduced cost or free, and group therapies offer many advantages, such as support from others and not feeling that the therapy is “intense”. Also, on-line therapy via Skype is also sometimes available (search Google for “online therapy uk” to see a list of organisations).

For more personal issues, some private therapists will offer concessions or have a number of times allocated to help at concessionary rates. Your welfare is very important so it is always ok to ask.